Tuesday, 8 January 2013

NOTD - Stamping with China Glaze Robotika and Cheeky Plates

Hello everyone! I decided to try my hand at stamping a full image for the first time today. Since I wasn't liking Desert Sun against my skin tone too much I thought I would try to do some type of safari-like nails. I received China Glaze Robotika for Christmas and the main reason I wanted this polish was for stamping. Now this was my first time stamping a full pattern for a whole nail, so the stamping is FAR from pretty. Out of 10 nails I was only satisfied with 3...*sigh* I'll just have to keep practicing! Also, sorry for the slightly blurry pictures. I guess I wasn't able to hold my hands steady anymore by the end of the night before bed. And one last apology, which is for my dry fingers. There was no hope since I had spent the holidays is such a cold and extremely dry climate.

Left then right hand taken with warm artificial light (no flash)

 Left then right hand taken with warm artificial light and flash.

I used China Glaze Desert Sun as the base and stamped with China Glaze Robotika using what I call a "pebble" pattern from Cheeky CH01 plate. Loved this color combo! For some nails there was no full coverage by stamp and others where the stamping was messed up. I found Robotika a bit harder to stamp with than other polishes I have used, and I think it may be due to it's fast dry time meaning I need to work even faster when stamping. Need more practice definitely! Thought the Cheeky plate was excellent, all the details of the pattern came out clean each time!

Despite the bad stamping job by me, what do you guys thing of the color combo and pattern? What does this pattern remind you of? I think it looks like pebbles in a stream.
Thanks for stopping by!
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