Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Swatch - China Glaze Metallic Muse

Today I have a swatch of China Glaze Metallic Muse. I was very excited when I got this polish because I had read that the Khrome collection by China Glaze were very good for stamping. Not to mention this collection of frost polish also dried to a mirror finish and are not brush-stroke prone. In other words, this collection is awesome! The sad thing is that it was release in 2009 and it's next to impossible to get your hands on the whole collection, let alone the ultra popular 2030 and Millenium. But you can still get your hands on Metallic Muse and Robotika through etailers.

 Warm artificial light

With flash

You can really see the mirror like shine in the first picture, and see in both that it's not brush stroke prone. 

Dry time - fast
Formula - Slightly gloopy so harder to work with. May be me taking too long to put on this fast drying polish.
Finish - Frost (smooth), smooth meaning you can't see all the small particles in the polish (eg. OPI Your Royal Shine-ness)
Does not dry shiny, though top coat does not make a huge difference in my opinion. I kind of like it without top coat. 
Tends to show imperfections of nails (eg. ridges)

I actually really like frosts when they are as smooth as this baby and dry to a mirror-like finish. So this polish is definitely one of my favs. I love it when my nails look like they're made of metal. 

What do you think of this polish? Do you own any polishes from the Khrome collection?

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