Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Swatch - OPI Danke-Shiny Red (Germany Collection)

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday. Wonder if anyone likes Tuesdays the best out of the whole week...if so for what reason? Just curious. Alright getting back on track! Today I'm showing you a colour I was eying for a long while then finally decided to get. Some of you may think this is just a regular ol' red nailpolish. Yes, in the bottle it may not look like anything special. The true beauty of this one comes out when you paint it on and layer a top coat over it. This guy glows like no other red polish I have ever come across. The shimmer adds a lot of dimension with TC, especially if you use a TC with super shiny finish (like Seche Vite). You will be staring at your nails, guaranteed! Gosh this is a gorgeous one!

OPI Danke-Shiny Red is a perfect cherry red with shimmer that has a glow from within effect.
I used 2 coats with 1 coat TC for the pictures below. Pictures are taken with flash under cool artificial light.

Formula: easy to work with
Pigmentation: good, only required 2 coats for full coverage
Prone to: nothing
Dry time & finish: regular and dries with bit of shine (TC highly recommended to bring out all its glory)
Staining: slightly
Removal: easy

Definitely my favorite red of all time! This thing practically applies itself with no brush strokes. If you like red polish you NEED this! Even if you don't particularly like red I would still highly recommend this shade just for the sake of the glow. Truly gorgeous, can't stress that enough. Thanks for stopping by~
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