Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Swatch - Ruby Wing Crowd Surf

From the same makers of Color Club comes Ruby Wing! A colour changing polish that changes under the sun. We have been getting beautiful warm sunny weather here, so I had to try out my Ruby Wing polishes! I have one from their summer collection called Festival Paint to show today.

Ruby Wing Crowd Surf:
Neon fuchsia that changes to a dark plum/purple under the sun. Colour change starts happening in seconds under the sun, and takes a minute for the complete change. The colour is darker on the nail compared to bottle colour. Under different lightings, the polish can look like fuchsia or raspberry.
*Note: adding a top coat (I tried Seche Vite) hinders the colour change. Colour does change but to much lesser degree compared to no top coat applied. Sunscreen on mani does not affect colour change whatsoever.

This polish is impossible to photograph! I was extremely frustrated and tried to fiddle around with the white balance, but my camera was too overwhelmed by the neon properties. Therefore, I can only try my best to describe the colour in words for you guys.

Pictures show two coats without top coat. In real life, the colour is neon hybrid of pink and purple,  and darker (for the first picture).
Indoor, no flash
Indoor with flash
Index and pinky exposed to sun. Middle and ring in shade.
Index and pinky exposed to sun. Middle and ring in shade.
To show complete colour change under sun is dark plum.
Formula - sticky and gloopy, tends to go on thick cause hard to spread
Pigmentation - one coater if do thick coat, otherwise 2 coats
Finish - rubbery, dull shine, *TC not recommended due to hindrance on colour change!
Dry time - slow, takes very long (at least 40 mins) to harden!
Removal - easy
Staining - none (surprising for a colour like this)

This was my first time trying out a colour changing polish, and I have to say I am impressed. Yes, the formula could have been less tacky (maybe some thinner would help) but that is not a big deal compared to the great things this polish has to offer. I think this polish would be a great mani to wear for a tropical vacation. Since you are out in the sun all day and get to wear two colours (who has time to do a manicure while on vacation anyway?). Awesome awesome polish!

What is your take on this colour changing polish?
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