Monday, 3 June 2013

Untried Polish Challenge - 2 Colors

Today, I have an exciting challenge to tell you guys about. You may have seen a few blogs doing this challenge already, which is how I came across it. This is the Untried Polish Challenge made by Just Add Polish. I think this challenge is a brilliant idea! As a person who tends to buy polish at a rate faster than she wears them, a group of polishes start to sit around waiting patiently to be tried. So this challenge will really help to make my untried stash smaller (maybe even non-existent!). The term "untried" I think of as polishes that have never been worn. Polishes used in pedicures, nail art, stamping, if it has been opened and put on the nail in anyway I do not consider as an untried.

The challenge is extremely flexible. It can be done in any order, over how ever many days, and not all need to be done if some do not apply. The flexibility is great, because I have a very hard time keeping up with 31 day nail challenges (I attempted once and abandoned ship). I like to enjoy my manicures for a couple of days. Let's get cracking' on this challenge!

We are starting off with "Two Colors" because I am doing this challenge in random order based on how my mood strikes me. Or stating it in a more poetic way: where ever my inspiration shall come from. The two untried colours are OPI Play The Peonies and OPI Give Me Moor!.

What made the manicure:
Two coats OPI Play The Peonies as base for all nails.
Thumb & Index - Stamp with OPI Give Me Moor! from Cheeky Jumbo C plate
Middle - OPI Give Me Moore! half moon
Ring - OPI You Glitter Be Good To Me
Pinky - OPI Play The Peonies

This is my first attempt at a half moon and it did not turn out well. Me trying to fix it also made the half moon worse. The stamping was not as successful as I had hoped either, but maybe with more practice I will get them perfect. With all that said, I really enjoyed wearing this mani because I loved the colour combination and how it looked from afar.

Do you guys have a stash of untrieds? Will be taking part in this challenge? (If yes, I would love to see what you come up with in this challenge! Provide a link in the comments below)
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