Friday, 29 March 2013

Swatch - China Glaze Surreal Appeal

Another one from the China Glaze Cirque du Soleil collection to show today. I picked this baby up through a "buy one get one free" deal exclusively for this collection at Sally's. Admittedly this polish was not originally on my wishlist, I just took it as the "free" polish from that deal and bought Whirled Away. This polish fought against my low expectations and wowed me on the nail. So let's get a look at this hidden gem.

China Glaze Surreal Appeal is a bright coral pink cream. On the nail, the colour is darker yet brighter (in almost a neon way) than the bottle. I put on 2 medium coats with top coat in the pictures below.  The colour is a tad more pink/coral in real-life rather than orange as seen in pictures. I used this polish as a base for my leopard nails, which shows the real-life colour accurately.

Formula - easy application, pigmented
Finish - shiny
Dry time - average
Removal - easy
Wear - great, no chipping or tip wear after 5 days of wear

Collection swatches: Creative Fantasy, Running In Circles, Surreal Appeal

I became obssessed with this colour once I had it on, and didn't want to take it off (wore it for 5 days!). This colour turned out to be a lot brighter than I expected (maybe I have been wearing vampy shades for too long...go away winter!). Appearing to be another regular coral shade when in actuality this shade offers a pink tone and brightness that cannot be observed just looking at the bottle. Hope you enjoyed this review~
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